На счета

На счета

На счета

Only for customers from Germany, Netherlands

Shop now - pay after receiving the goods!
With Klarna account to buy a safe and easy. You never have to enter your account information, and you pay when you receive the goods.

* Comes First the goods, then is paid.
* Always 14 days of grace.
* You do not have to divulge account information.
* Always Return within 14 days according to mail-order law.
* Download all your bills down at klarna.se.
* Installment possible.

Per purchase a handling fee of 1.95 €. For failure to pay a charge of 5.00 € and will add interest of 5.00%. When shopping, only a few information is included so that we know that you really you are. Your personal information will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act and can be used for promotional purposes for interesting offers and services.

Klarna AB, companies - and corporate ID: 556737-0431

The ordered items will be delivered to the consumer on account. Until full payment the goods remain the property of the online stores. The delivery address, home address and billing address must be identical and within Germany. The balance is due upon receipt of the invoice. If payment for the account review and evaluate Klarna AB the data given by the purchaser and shall, if justified, shall exchange data and with the following companies credit reporting agencies: Company Bürgel Business Information GmbH & Co. KG, Postfach 5001 66, 22 701 Hamburg, Germany and Credit Reform Bremen Seddon KG, Contrescarpe 17, 28203 Bremen. If the credit rating of consumers are not guaranteed, AB Klarna the customer to refuse payment for the account and must point to alternative payment options. If the invoice is not paid 14 days after invoicing, the customer receives a reminder. The costs incurred by us, we must also settle the outstanding amount to a charge of 5 € and any default interest of 5%. In the choice of invoice for payment an additional fee of 2.95 € incl VAT will be charged.

For more info about Klarna statements can be found at:

here (http://klarna.com/de/kundendienst/klarna-rechnung)

Under the following link to read the complete terms and conditions of Klarna:

here (http://www.klarna.com/pdf/Vertragsbedingungen.pdf)