alessandro Care

alessandro Care

Women’s hands can captivate and seduce, caress and work. Hands are the calling card of every woman, which is why they deserve special attention.

In cooperation with experienced dermatologists different skin structures and their care requirements were identified. The corresponding results were then incorporated into the hand care products. This resulted in Hands!Up®, a hand care collection, which reacts to all of the needs and requirements of our hands – depending on age or condition of the skin.

Alongside high quality, individual natural resource mixtures, all Hands!Up® products have one thing in common – the Biopearl complex from the freshwater pearl. This active ingredient booster comprises high quality enzymes, which are proven to intensively care for and protect the skin. It’s not without reason that Hands!Up® was awarded with the Prix de Beauté as Best Hand Care Product!


Hands!Up Anytime.

Any Age.

Our hands are what keeps us in touch with our friends and family, our environment. But we frequently do not pay enough attention to our hands and allow them to become rough and stressed. How can we keep our hands smooth and soft for the rest of our lives? Easy, with Hands!Up – the hand care system for beautiful and well-groomed hands regardless of skin type. The high quality beauty ingredients developed in close cooperation with dermatologists are specially formulated to the different care requirements of hands.


The alessandro team of experts has given the popular hand care line HANDS! UP a facelift. On the basis of long-term scientific studies from the HANDS!UP Classic to HAND!SPA, the evolutionary development of a high quality hand care line that addresses the unique needs and requirements of care conscious women, tailored to the age and condition of the skin.


So fruity, like an ice cream in the summer ... ICE CREAM BAR!

HANDS!UP Herbal Bar

Finest care

The Herbal Hand Cream Bar makes its name and brings together four important herbal drugs.

HANDS!UP Flower Bar

Whoever said it was impossible to capture the sensual scents of nature in a manicure, let it: add new floral scent have 4 statements from now on the HANDS UP Flavor Bar: Lavender / pashmina / Amazonia / Jasmin

HANDS! UP Fruit Bar Creme

The freshness for beautiful hands

Care Source

Manicure made by Nature Nature defines our beauty ideals. Nature produces active, healing substances. Nature is the source of health and life. With this knowledge in mind and the desire to create something unique, SOURCE, a purely plant-based manicure range was created. Pure plant-based raw materials were used exclusively and preferentially from certified plantations. SOURCE products can also be used with very sensitive skin. They contain no parabens or artificial preservatives and are clinically tested and carry the “very good” test seal. Building on highly effective constituents such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, sepilift, sesame oil, panthenol, camomile and lemon balm, to name but a few, special manicure treatments were developed for SOURCE.

Studio Line

Studio Line

STUDIO EXCLUSIVE HAND AND NAIL CARE RANGE alessandro Studio Line is a hand and nail care range, the development of which has been founded following over 20 years of experience in practice. Studio Line was created exclusively for nail studios and cosmetics institutes and designed to meet their requirements. Therefore, many nail designers were asked about their wishes and opinions in order to take this experience into account.

The result is 12 unique products with high-quality ingredients that even inspire the demanding professional. Each product is unique and is self-explanatory. Quality as well as application, scent and price are immediately persuasive.

The timeless, elegant appearance exudes professional competence and quality.


Hard fingernails in only four weeks!

Pedikure Pedix

Pedix Love your feet! Well-groomed feet are something wonderful: They look super sexy, make you feel incredible, and are highly attractive. Pedix combines all important factors for perfect and sensual foot care in one innovative product line: Easy to use, highly effective care, effective protection, natural ingredients, and a fantastic fragrance immediately spread a wonderful feeling of wellness.


Pedicure Stiletto

Stiletto Go sexy!

Many designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, or Prada have created “works of art for feet.” This means feet and legs are increasingly a focal point of modern and style-conscious women of today and foot and leg care consequently increases in significance. The lifestyle of modern and confident women simply includes this type of cosmetic care. This trend was the impulse for alessandro International to create a new individual lifestyle line of care products for sexy legs and feet. Stiletto, the first lifestyle series on the foot care market combined function with the awareness of trends and the right portion of sex appeal.