Fx-One Gel

Fx-One Gel

Fx-One Gel

FX-One is a completely new, unique gel that can not be compared from texture, processing and results with other Alessandro gels. Innovative ingredients, advanced plastic compounds and novel additive components were combined in this flexible, heat-free Gellinie. The result is a completely new, natural feel of artificial nails. The flexible consistency and the soft-touch finish, the FX-One gels can also be processed easily and playing files.

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alessandro FX-One Ultimate Shine Non Sticky Milky 15ml

Product no.: 02-482
49.95 €
100 g = 166.00 €
You save 25.05 €
In stock

alessandro FX-One Hard Gel Milky 15g

Product no.: 02-426

FX-One Hard Gel Milky

49.95 €
100 g = 199.33 €
You save 20.05 €
In stock

New alessandro Fx One Hard Gel Camouflage 50g

Product no.: 02-432

The flexible modeling gel is suitable for all nail types. It cures heat-free under UV and LED light. Thanks to the special soft-touch finish, it is easy and fast to process after curing.

135.95 €
100 g = 199.90 €
You save 36.00 €
In stock