alessandro TIPS

alessandro TIPS
In extending with plastic - Tips is a high quality must be ensured. alessandro tips are made of high quality ABS - plastics are long and flexible and adapt to every movement of the nail.

Phantom Tips (PH)

Particularly thin tips - ideal for flat nails. All sizes available as refill

Platinum Tips (PL)

Nail extensions with shortened and stabilized on the sides Aufklebeflächen. Advantage: fast trimming and optimal adaptation to different nail shapes. All sizes available as refill

Champions Choice Tips

CHAMPION'S CHOICE CC TIPS Tips of the new generation! Maximum vaulted tunnel for maximum stability.


Thin, elastic Nageltips - with a slight curvature towards the front and to the sides.

High Speed Tips Clear (HS)

Transparent nail extensions fit the nail shape perfectly, needed only slight Befeilen of contacts, enormous time savings. All sizes available as refill

High Speed Tips French

Nail extensions with perfect French tip with the possibility of renewal and French simultaneously. All sizes available as refill