Herbalind Europen Bath Oil (6x30 ml)

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Luxurious natural oils and aromatic bath care
6 bottle. one of each:
LAVENDER: CALMING, Lavender combats fatigue, helping to calm & balance body & mind.
ROSEMARY: INVIGORATING, Rosemary helps revitalize & invigorate after strenuous activity - or a long day.
MELISSA: RELAXING, Melissa helps relieve nervous tension, promoting relaxation & sleep.
JUNIPER: ENERGIZING juniper helps refresh & energize strained, sore muscles especially after physical exertion.
EUCALYPTUS: STIMULATING, Eucalyptus stimulates & clears the senses, particularly beneficial in cold & flu season.
ANTI-STRESS: HARMONIZING, Anti stress helps to sooth everyday stress by harmonizing mind & body.

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